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Chiropractic Care for Kids

Chiropractic for Children

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Chiropractor for Children

A Chiropractor for Children: Well-Aligned Kids

When most people think of going to the chiropractor, pediatric care often does not come to mind. However, mounting evidence shows the many benefits that proper spinal alignment can provide for children, teens and even newborns. Due to the non-stop growth of children, chiropractor visits can keep them aligned and set them up for a stronger future foundation.

What Problems Can a Chiropractor for Kids Help?

For all ages of children, chiropractic care can provide relief for a wide range of complaints. From newborns to teens, a chiropractor gently adjusts the spine and joints to provide natural, drug-free treatment. When you choose treatment from a qualified chiropractor, pediatric issues like those below can often be successfully treated without medication, or can make medication more effective.

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In newborns and infant children, chiropractic care can provide relief from colic, ear infections, and help with breastfeeding issues that stem from spinal misalignment. Newborns also often experience birthing trauma, even from natural deliveries, and awkward positions within the womb that cause the neck or back vertebrae to become out of alignment. You’ll be surprised how very gentle amounts of pressure can correct these problems and ease your infant’s discomfort when they cannot tell you where it hurts.

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For Children, Chiropractic Care Offers Natural Treatment

In conjunction with your regular pediatrician, a chiropractor for kids at The Chirospot can offer an even greater pool of resources to address children’s health complaints. Medical doctors are often limited to offering prescription and over-the-counter medications to resolve many of these common problems, and sometimes that is necessary. However, a chiropractor for children is highly trained in the musculoskeletal nature of growing bodies and can provide supplemental or alternative methods of treatment that don’t involve drugs but can be just as effective. Many parents, seeking to avoid or limit pharmaceutical intervention, often see a chiropractor for children to get the best of both worlds.

For children, chiropractor visits often produce results faster than for adults. Their quickly growing bodies tend to accept and hold the adjustments more easily. When you visit a chiropractor for children at The Chirospot, our doctors will take time to learn about your child’s unique needs and medical history. If needed, you may be referred out for an x-ray before adjustments begin. Your sessions with a chiropractor for children are always private at The Chirospot.

The Chirospot: A Membership-Based Chiropractor for Children

Many families find that for their children, chiropractic care provided regularly produces exceptional results. However, the cost for ongoing visits to a chiropractor, pediatric or adult, can add up quickly. The Chirospot offers the perfect solution for this financial dilemma. For children, chiropractor visits at our office are just $29 per month, per child for unlimited monthly treatments when they are added to your adult membership In addition to reducing your overall health care cost, a flat fee helps with budget planning. All your monthly visits are included for one low price. Because we know life is hectic with children, chiropractor treatments at The Chirospot are on your schedule. No appointments are needed – just walk in!

Getting Started with a Pediatric Chiropractor at The Chirospot

When you choose a highly skilled chiropractor for children, pediatric care for your child takes on an expanded view. When combined with traditional pediatric medical visits, you can draw on the expertise of different fields and the experience of many different health professionals. At The Chirospot, a chiropractor for children is affordable, convenient, and helps you approach your kids healthcare in a more well-rounded way. Stop in today – your first visit is free!

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