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Hips Out of Alignment? Try a Chiropractor for Hip Pain Management

If you’re experiencing hip pain or if you have a “hips out of alignment” feeling, you’re not alone. Your hips are the central weight-bearing position of your body, and they have a big job. No matter what we’re doing, from standing, walking, or sitting, our hips are working. Hip pain can disrupt your daily activities, as relief may not be found by sitting or standing.

Hip Pain: It’s Complicated

Our hip joints are a mass of muscle, tendon, cartilage, nerves, and bones. While you may describe your pain as coming from on or around your hips, the complex nature of the pelvic region can often make it hard to pinpoint the exact origin of the pain. Hip pain may actually be rooted in misalignment in other areas of the body, including the back and legs, commonly called referred paid. Causes of hip pain include:

Visiting a chiropractor for hip pain can help address all of these root causes. Many people find that their hip pain or hips out of alignment feeling can be relieved by a chiropractic leg adjustment. That’s the benefit of a chiropractor; hip pain may not just be hip pain. At The Chirospot, our chiropractors look at your body as whole, not just localized symptoms.

In addition to these frequent causes of hip pain in adults, children can also experience hip discomfort. Children are active and have frequent falls or get in awkward positions that can put their spine and joints including hips out of alignment. This means children can benefit from regular chiropractic care, including gentle spine corrections or a chiropractic leg adjustment. Chronic hip pain in children may be caused by developmental dysplasia of the hip, Perthes’ disease, or irritable hip syndrome. These conditions may need to be treated by a specialized medical team including a chiropractor for hip pain.

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Treating Sources of Hip Pain Through
Chiropractic Therapy

When you first receive treatment from a chiropractor, hip pain may be on the top of your list for problems to treat. Fortunately chiropractic adjustments, by realigning the entire body, can help treat that pain as well as correct seemingly unrelated issues such as knee pain. Because of the interrelated nature of the skeletal system, a problem in one area can impact a different area. That’s why a chiropractic leg adjustment can actually improve issues in your hips, or vice versa.

When receiving treatment from a chiropractor, hip pain can be approached in a few different ways. There are high-velocity adjustments that involve sudden and controlled force to the joint and low-force adjustments involve gentler movements. When performing a chiropractic leg adjustment or working on joints, you won’t hear the pops and cracks often associated with a spinal correction. It may not even feel like much has happened. However, your body can tell the difference after these small adjustments, and you may experience an immediate sense of greater muscle control.

Over the following days and weeks after beginning a routine with a chiropractor, hip pain should begin to fade. By relieving the pressure and re-aligning bones and joints, your body is better able to heal itself. Working with a chiropractor for hip pain means putting your entire body in a better position for overall functioning.

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The Chirospot: Your Chiropractor for Hip Pain and Beyond

If you have hips out of alignment, your whole life can suffer. At The Chirospot, when you see a chiropractor for hip pain, you’ll quickly see that we aren’t your average chiropractic office. Our focus is on a combination of premium healthcare and welcoming hospitality.

We’ve spared no expense in providing our patients with a top-of-the-line experience. All of our chiropractors have received their education and training at the nation’s top schools, bringing a wealth of experience to their practice. Our lounge is relaxing and comfortable, helping to make your treatment visits more like a refreshing break from your day than a doctor’s visit. No one does it like The Chirospot.

Staying on Top of Hip Pain with a Chiropractic Membership Plan

Whether you’re experiencing discomfort due to hips out of alignment, need the occasional chiropractic leg adjustment, or are having trouble pinpointing exactly what’s causing your pain, routine chiropractic care can help. By maintaining your proper skeletal alignment on a regular basis, you can stay on top of small problems to help prevent them from becoming large ones.

Because regular chiropractic care has benefits beyond pain management, The Chirospot’s membership-based care plans help you get the specialized and routine care your body needs for a single low monthly fee. Visit one of our Denver area locations today and get started on your path to better health.

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